时长:90 mins

类型:Circus Theatre


地点:Roewe Theatre

Director and Choreographer |Shana Carroll, Gypsy Snider
Performance| Les 7 Doigts de la Main (Canada)



In 2002, 7 circus artists came together and became The 7 Fingers. They are distinctly individuals but also tightly joined parts, moving in coordination towards one common artistic goal. In Réversible, eight outstanding performers dug through the histories of their families. They unveiled stories from the past and skeletons in the closets that reflected, in some way or another, how they experience life today. Through a unique, riveting mix of theatre, circus, dance, music, and acrobatics, Réversible is dedicated to a generation who forged the world that we live in today and whose stories might hold the key to a better tomorrow. With the 7 Fingers’ Réversible, be prepared for the best in contemporary circus: moments of pure grace yielding to rushes of adrenalin, as a cast of multi-talented performers travel through time and space. Be part of a vibrant journey that will give you goose bumps: peek through the key hole at a Réversible world, where everyday life is turned upside down into new spectacular, universe filled with beauty, emotion and – yes- hope.